‘The Darkness Rising’ launch getting closer.

‘The Darkness Rising’ launch getting closer.

Launch date is getting closer – and as this is not only Book 1 of the Maingard Chronicles, but Book 1 of my career, I am ‘Tom Cruise jump up and down on Oprah’s sofa’ kind of excited. But also extremely nervous and apprehensive. Fool was I, who thought: Just write a book, it must be easy.

Well, that was the easy bit. The hard bits come after. Editing and revision – seemingly endless. Prep work with software, which can be a bit of a mare some fellow authors say (still to come, so I have some hair left – for now.) Constant social media – which, for an introvert, is akin to mild torture, followed by all the gut wrenching as to whether anyone will like it when they read it. But that’s the point of a book. Someone has to read it – and not just the author. That would be a bit pointless, after all I wrote it and I’m meant to know what went on!

So what has been done – and what is still needed? The cover has been created – some fantastic art from Pippa N, with some digital wizardry from Nicci, which resulted in the beautiful marketing post above. All the props are coming out – as you can see. Everybody has a sword and a drinking horn around, don’t they? Or is it just fantasy authors?

Next, the map. Fantasy books have to have one – another law. Courtesy of Inkarnate.com – hours of fun, with some stunning results, as can be seen below. Now praying to the publishing gods that I can get this added to the finished book.

So, what next?

This week, I am concentrating on editing. Just a final read through to pick up inconsistencies, spelling and grammar, along with anything else that shouldn’t be there. I’m also prepping (or is that bricking it – an English term) for a interview for our writing group. Did I mention being introverted?

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