A long time ago, in a land far, far away, I was introduced to a whole universe of magical worlds, the creation of countless authors and scribes throughout the years. After wasted years of pondering and procrastinating, I am aiming to join them. Chained to my writing desk in my scriptorium, I am nearing the completion of my first work. My candles are burnt low and quill shavings pile upon the floor. But I want to chronicle my thoughts, ideas and works – mainly to inspire myself, but also hopefully – should you join me on my adventure – you also.

Here I will collect ideas; simple plots, pictures, articles and words that are just seeds and acorns now but, with a little nurturing, will turn into mighty beanstalks or oaks. Also, I will share my influences (past and present) along with the sagas that I am reading now – and will look forward to your recommendations.

originally posted at April 2020

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